Dr. Wanda Davis Turner

"Few therapists and clergy persons have dared touch the secret matters of the heart that involve African-American clergy wives. Dr. Phyllis Carter has always been a maverick in addressing tough, intimate matters of clergy families. Her new book, The Liberation of African-American Clergy Wives is a powerful presentation that suggests African-American Clergy wives are coming out of the closet of shame, pain, isolation, and even segregation."

Dr. Wanda Davis-Turner, Pastor, New Birth West


Rev. Dr. Phyllis E. Carter's third book entitled "THE LIBERATION OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN CLERGY WIVES" - Foreword by Dr. Wanda Davis-Turner - has arrived. This book will truly send healing, deliverance, and empower you to move into your destiny. You haven't read a book like this before.

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"Phyllis Carter has given us an insiders view of clergy wives that many either deny, fail to recognize, or stolidly accept. With scholarly perception and personal insight, she exposes the pain and peril of clergy households while, with compassionate balance, providing a constructive foundation for celebrating the strength and promise of clergy wives. She offers words of honesty, help, hope and healing to many who are hurting silently. This text is a must read for those who seek authentic truth and liberation in the home and the church. "

Dr. John W. Kinney, Dean & Professor of Theology

Virginia Union University School of Theology


Rev. Dr. Elaine Flake

"Dr. Phyllis Carter has done a masterful job of naming and exploring the secret pain and shame of many women who are married to men who serve as clergy in Christian ministry. Her understanding of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual realities of women who live with troubled, insensitive and/or abusive preachers makes this book a must-read for clergy-wives, counselors, and clergy (men). This work will not only heal hurts; it will save lives."

The Reverend Elaine McCollins Flake, D. Min., Co-Pastor, Greater Allen AME Cathedral, Jamaica, NY